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Home / STEAM Education

STEAM Education Empowering Young Minds

Science is about wonder, risk, and imagination. We provide young minds the opportunity to look at the world through concepts of computer science and electronic engineering; using knowledge from science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics.

We engage children in hands-on activities that encourage practical approach to learning by unleashing independent creativity and curiosity to explore and build new things, leading to greater knowledge retention.

Care to join the cause?

Making a Diference

meaningful context and practical approach

IsWorx is bringing a philosophical change to experience and understand science and math concepts by meaningful context and practical approach to open-ended projects. The framework of our programs is heavily rooted in core principles of the constructionism philosophy with the primary focus to promote the following educational benefits:.

  • Inventor techniques and think, make, and improve reiterative process
  • Sharable projects
  • Building on intellectual tradition by making and tinkering
  • Cross disciplinary approach in creating solutions
  • Elimination of fear of failure and errors
  • Recognition of different learning styles
  • Greater knowledge retention

Program Framework

experience science in action

We do not employ traditional teaching model that relies on memorization of vocabulary and following well-defined project instructions or checklists. Program plan is flexible to accomodate students ideas and interest coupled with their ability to work on one or more projects. The goal is to empower children to use their brains and anything they can put their hands on to solve a problem and demonstrate science concepts in action.

Promote reinformcement by using simple and inexpensive materials to encourage maker projects outside classroom environment and make them accessible regardless of kids' social status.

Changing the Game

making, tinkering, engineering

We believe that there are three technologies that have the most potential to give children learning experiences that can increase the awarenes of being competent learners and foster selfesteem.

  • Fabrication
  • Allows designing and making real objects using CAD, 3D printers, laser cutters and other tools.
  • Physical Computing
  • Allows computers to connect with the real world using affordable hardware, robotics, microcontroller boards and sensors; giving the ability to create machines that interact with their environment.
  • Programming
  • Allows understanding of how computers are controlled by precise intructions.

Our Team

unleashing curiosity, ingenuity and imagination

Our STEAM team is a diverse and highly qualified group of technology professionals, youth mentors, parents, and computer science and electrical engineering enthusiasts propelled by a passion to promote a learning environment that unleashes curiosity, ingenuity, imagination, and independent thinking in children.

We recognize the need for setting up digitally-enabled and "making" programs that stimulate problem solving, new ideas, and analytical thinking to prepare students for STEAM emerging jobs in a complex world and stay competitive in a global market.