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Cloud Backup Protect your business from data loss

ISWorx Cloud Backup is an ideal remote backup solution for SMB and Professionals, offering a secure and cost-effective way to quickly and easily backup files from several machines running a variety of operating systems.

Pay only for the space you need and backup as many devices including desktops, laptops or servers at no extra cost.

Conveniently access your data using the client software, your favorite web browser or mobile device.

Try our Personal or Business backup Service FREE for 30 Days

Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery Right-sized solutions for small to midsize businesses



Encryption protects data in transit & at rest

The communication between your computer and our servers is encrypted. Additionally, strong military grade encryption protects files before leaving your computer with a password key only known to you. All backups are replicated to a secure offsite location in the US.

Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup

Never change tapes again

Cloud based service allows you to backup from anywhere you have an Internet connection. Protect your data at the main office, branch offices, mobile workforce or telecommuters. Delta backups, backs up only what has changed on the file allowing for fast data transfers.



Keep multiple copies of your files

Automatically maintain multiple versions of a backed up file on the server. Previous versions are stored as file-deltas reducing storage used to a minimum while allowing to restore older versions.



Never forget to back up

Automatically back up monthly, weekly, daily or hourly. User friendly scheduler allows you to set jobs once matching the frequency your data protection and retention policies require. Email notifications are sent to you with a confirmation and backup report.



Smart compression saves bandwidth

We use smart-compression technology to allow for faster backups and reduce storage allocation, consequently allowing you to store more for less.



Access data from virtually anywhere

Using our free client app, back up or restore your data from any location. View or download your files from any Internet connected computer using your favorite browser or mobile device.

ISWorx Cloud Backup is the complete data protection for your growing business.

Pay only for the space you use no matter how many devices you backup. Our solution also includes file sync for FREE. So what are you waiting for?

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